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Without doubt, Slovenia has rightfully earned the title of being one of the best European destinations for Carp fishing. Not only is it home to some of the most iconic lakes in the region but it also has a good number of other lakes that hold superb stocks of big fish that as yet have not faced the pressures that the better known waters have. Urban Lake is a good example of an 'up and coming' waters.

Fishing in Slovenia is straightforward with clear fishing rules, a good infrastructure of fishing clubs and day ticket waters. The best big fish waters have guides available to help anglers find their feet on these lakes and learn the best areas that each lake has to offer.

Our Venues

As one of Europe's premier carp fishing holiday providers, we bring to you some of the carefully selected lakes at the very best big carp fishing venues in this incredible country.

Urban Lake, Slovenia

How to fish Slovenia

For a comprehensive guide on how to fish in Slovenia including licence & permit requirements, national rules, seasonality and much more visit our Fishing in Slovenia country advice guide.

For a list of the best waters to fish in Slovenia, visit Public Waters - Slovenia where you'll find detailed information on all of the most notable carp fishing lakes in this region.