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Jamie Bellhouse

AKA ‘Brothercarp’, I started my angling journey at 5 years old with a stick float and a box of maggots on the river Thames and I've never looked back. Angling became my obsession, my passion and still to this day it drives me to travel explore and seek out bigger and wilder adventures every year.

My carp fishing ‘career’ didn’t really get started until I was around 14 when I moved from South West London to Farnborough. At that time Yateley was the Mecca of British carp angling and I had just landed on the doorstep. Suddenly I was surrounded by hundreds of carp lakes that I had read about in magazines and that all of my angling Hero’s were fishing. Before I knew it I was spending as little time as possible at school and every spare minute at the side of a lake. Covering hundreds of miles on my homemade barrow over the next few years I soaked up the scene like a sponge, learning anything and everything from anyone who would give me the time of day. I spent days, weeks and months on the lakes and canals in Hampshire, watching carp from up trees and landing a fair few of the old originals you only read about in books nowadays. Those years laid the foundations for what was to come in my angling career and once I got my driving licence a few years later the world was my oyster.

I didn’t venture out to Europe until I was 21, having spent another few years on syndicate waters in the south east of England myself and a few mates booked a trip with Angling Lines to Domaine de Boux, this was to be another pivotal moment on my journey and one that would change everything for me in later years. Within hours of arriving at the lake in France we could not keep a rod in the water, being the first time id used a rowing boat for fishing this was a totally new experience for me, suddenly I’d gone from spending months on syndicate lakes in search of 30lb carp to pulling out 40’s for fun! Needless to say that trip was a great success and massively opened my eyes to the fishing that was available in Europe.

In 2016 after many years on syndicate waters in the UK and many trips across the pond to European venues I had gained the attention of Nash Tackle and was asked to come on board as a field tester. This gave me the incentive to create my own identity within the Industry and that same year I created my brand ‘Brothercarp’. As a photographer by trade at the time I used my skills to build my audience on social media with the help of Nash and started to create feature videos of my angling adventures.

Fast forward to today and I have now travelled across most of Europe, fishing private, wild and public lakes, canals and rivers. I have gained an incredible amount of experience and knowledge and have never been more passionate about what I do. That first time in France on the boat stays with me on every trip and I count myself lucky for the incredible freedom and opportunity we have to fish these wild and wonderful places across Europe. I continue to be a consultant for Nash Tackle and also work closely with many other fishing brands in all angling industries Including Carp Circle, my brand ‘Brothercarp’ is still growing and I hope in the years to come I can continue to inspire and encourage more people to get and experience this incredible sport for themselves.

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